Field Hockey

Women's Field HockeyField hockey is my favourite sport. I have been playing it since I was in grade one. I was never very good but I still loved the game. In my old school this was one of the sports that almost everyone played. When I played the game I was always so excited and I really wanted to beat the other team. I use to play a lot of different positions in field hockey. When I was small I used to normally play the position of the goalie and when I got to higher grades I started to play other positions. On the field hockey teams we had uniforms. Our uniform was a green skirt that said Eunice, a white sleeveless golf- shirt with the school emblem on it, green or white socks and cleats. I started field hockey when I was small because my sister would always have a game and play really good so I wanted to play just as good as her. 


Image  Women’s Field Hockey  by  gibbyson4