My old school: Eunice

Eunice is in Free State, Bloemfontein. It is an only girls school and is very old. It is now 138. We had an old school in another area but it burned down before I was born. I don’t think this is true but, they say that someone died in the old school and  people say that she haunts the hostel and talks at night. Her last name is Green but I do not know her name so I call Ms. Green. I loved my old school. It was the first school I had ever gone to so I knew my friends since I was in kindergarten. The teachers were nice but they could get strict too. I also had to wear a uniform which I did not like that much but it was better  because then I did not have to choose what to wear in the mornings. I had really nice friends in the other school. In my old school I used to help my friends with work and they would also help me. I do miss my old school and my friends but I also have nice teachers, friends and school here in Comox.

3 thoughts on “My old school: Eunice

  1. Hi Korbind

    Ya it isn’t nice when you leave you’re old friends but its better when you get new ones.

  2. Hi Priya! Thanks for telling us about Green / Ms. Green… OOOOOOooooooOOOOOO…
    Also I have gone to my school since I was in Kindergarten so I know almost everyone! I have never moved schools and it seems hard. 🙁 Well nice post. 🙂


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