Imagine life without sorrow,

Imagine living with no tomorrow.

Imagine life you can live again,

A life without any pain.





Imagine a life of children’s joys,

Happiness and innocence found in toys.

Imagine a life without hate,

To rely on only love and fate.


Imagine a life where wrong was not known,

And on each face joy was shown.

A life entirely based on trust,

Deprived of jealousy and all lust.


Imagine a life where the blind could see,

And the deaf could hear a melody.

A life like this could be only a dream,

A simple fantasy it would seem.


By my sister, Pragya



I love this poem that my sister wrote. It was one of the first she did. I think it really captures what a kind and caring person would imagine the world to be. I like this certain poem because it speaks of a perfect world. On the top of this post I have a picture that says ‘Imagine’ in black tiles with a yellow rose on top. I chose this picture because I think that if the world was like this it would start with a spark of light and spread all over.


Image ‘Imagine’ byMrOmega

3 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Hi Priya,
    I really like this poem. Your sister truly is brilliant! If only there was a world like that.

  2. Hi Michelle

    It was very easy for my sister to write that poem it is almost like she has magic in her words. I have tried to do poems but they never work out.

    Bye!! 🙂

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