I am a Published Author

IMG_4047In class we did a book cover that we had to get a name,draw it and write what is is about My book name is Glamorous To Unfabulous.

 My book was about Julie the most popular girl in school but she has a really big secret. She’s a nerd!  It all starts one  autumn morning when Julie was in grade one and they were reading and she was the fastest reader. The popular girls  laughed at her because she was a nerd. She knew that she either had to move schools or become one of them! She tried ask her dad to move schools but then she thought her question was stupid.

After nine years she moved to a different high school in a different country. She knew that this was the time she had to become a popular girl. She went shopping the whole day and found different dresses that she could wear. On the first day the popular girls loved her but after a few months they found out the truth.




Imagine life without sorrow,

Imagine living with no tomorrow.

Imagine life you can live again,

A life without any pain.





Imagine a life of children’s joys,

Happiness and innocence found in toys.

Imagine a life without hate,

To rely on only love and fate.


Imagine a life where wrong was not known,

And on each face joy was shown.

A life entirely based on trust,

Deprived of jealousy and all lust.


Imagine a life where the blind could see,

And the deaf could hear a melody.

A life like this could be only a dream,

A simple fantasy it would seem.


By my sister, Pragya



I love this poem that my sister wrote. It was one of the first she did. I think it really captures what a kind and caring person would imagine the world to be. I like this certain poem because it speaks of a perfect world. On the top of this post I have a picture that says ‘Imagine’ in black tiles with a yellow rose on top. I chose this picture because I think that if the world was like this it would start with a spark of light and spread all over.


Image ‘Imagine’ byMrOmega

Count Out Three

Hi Everyone

There is a post on Miss Wyatt’s blog  that you can check out which tells you that if you send comments on peoples blogs out of the class then it is likely that they will comment back on your blog, but there is much more to it. That is why you have to go to the link on her name to see the post. Here are a few blogs that I visited that I think are amazing and if you like my blog then I  think you will love theirs. The first one I visited was Antonio’s Blog . Antonio  likes cartoons so if you want to know what he likes visit his blog.  You can also visit Nick’s Blog which is about diffrent things like mine and Eva’s Blog.

Remembrance Day



Fourteenth-Century town encircled by a moat 

By the time John McCrae arrived at Flanders

However the soldiers called it ‘Wipers’

Was ruined and refugees streamed from it

 Troops were camped not far from the Yser Canal

Where they cooked meals,

Wrote letters to loved ones

And strengthened friendships

A soldier’s day included a lot of waiting

Waiting in a line for a once  a week shower,

Waiting to be seen by a nurse or a doctor,

Waiting for food or water,

And often going for days without either one



Image  hippy hoppy poppy by  jenny downing   


Antarctic Webcast

AntarcticToday we talked to Mr. Hawke from McMaster university and Mr. Kanatous from Colorado State University. Yes I Can Science is a organisation  to help students connect with science. The webcast was very exciting though we had some problems in the beginning. The most interesting answer was that the Antarctic was a desert. I also never knew that all countries  shared the Antarctic.  You can also visit the Yes I Can Science site.


Image Mount Leotard and Anchorage by Divedivjade

Olympic Torch

Olympic TorchMonday was a very exiting day. We saw the Olympic Torch! We went to Lewis Park for the celebration of the Olympic Torch coming to the Comox Valley. There was music, Acrobats, Irish Dancers and Tap Dancers. . It was one of the most amazing things that has happened in my life. I think that this would be a exciting ceremony for people who are interested in sports, their community and their friends and family that are involved with the Olympics. After one and a half hours the torch came. The man who brought the torch up looked like he was 80 but he was very active.  He lit the couldron with the torch and everyone was screaming and taking pictures. Then, when we were going to the bus we saw a man holding the torch and the whole class ran and touched it. We also took some pictures that you can see on my friends’ blogs.


Image DSCN6918 by Sweet One