“Poor people commit more crimes than rich people”

Judge using his gavel

I disagree with this quote because, just because the person is poor doesn’t mean they would commit more crimes than rich people. Yes, they might have committed the crime but, just saying that they did because they are poor isn’t justice. Judging people by their status isn’t right you should treat everyone fairly.

Whats your opinion?

Image: Judge using his gavel by IXQUICK


Sunset Finish #2We are near the end of the school year and this year has been fantastic. We have had a lot of new people come to our class and had a lot of fun in the classroom too! A few  months ago our teacher told us that we would go sailing at the end of the year as a treat, we were all very excited and couldn’t wait. We were going to sail with Compass Adventure. Every few weeks or so we go sailing and learn different things about boats and the different things you can do with them. The class has been to two lessons so far and they have been amazing. I’ve learned how to Paddle Board, Kayak and Sail. You would hope that all these sessions have great sunny weather but sometimes it doesn’t always happen. On our first session it was nice and sunny and hot but on our second session it was very windy and cold. Even though you would think ‘ You can’t sail when its windy’ you can. I call it a real wild ride on the sea you might have a different way of describing it. But imagine being on a boat, freezing all over your body, water slashing in your face and on your legs, going faster than a car in the middle of the sea. Well how does that sound? It was extremely fun for me because I had my best friend Jessica right next to me laughing with me the whole time. If you want to see a slide show of the sailing just go to the Huzzah blog.

Image Sunset Finish #2 by neatonjr


In class we have been reading books and writing reviews of them. One of the books that I read was Zlata’s Diary. Which is about a girl who lived in the wartime of Sarajevo. For this project we had to choose one of the books we have read and make a Glog about it. The idea we were given to build on was the adversities of the main characters in the book and write about it. This is my Glog that I made about Zlata’s diary. I hope you like it!

You can see a bigger one from this link: http://s009.huzzah.edu.glogster.com/zlatas-diary/

Is a seed a living thing?

Seeds Is a seed a living thing? Well what do you   think? I think that seeds are partly alive.  When you look at a seed it has skin. The skin is very delicate and is not alive like our dry skin. But I think that the center is still alive. I think when the seed dropped off from the plant and it still had moisture all around it which dries up slowly but the center has so much that it doesn’t dry up as fast. But it also depends were the seed is dropped or placed. Like, if it is dropped in nature it will rain which gives water and the sun will give the heat. Also if you get the seed you will have to give it water and put it by the sun.

You must be wondering why I am doing this post. Well in Science we’re discussing what life is. So, we were discussing whether  a seed is a living thing or not. I am not sure which people thought it was alive, not alive or in the middle. You have seen my opinion now you can write what you think. 🙂

Image Seeds by Peter Kaminski

Earth Poem

Earth Poem

Forest Path

When I look up in the sky
I see the rays of sunlight
Pouring  through the trees

On the ground,
It is mostly calm
Except for a few rustling leaves

I look in the bushes
And see webs from diffrent spiders
Glinting in the sunshine

I hear the soft chirping of birds
The creaking of trees
And insect all around me

Now I sit on a log
Waiting for the sun to hit me
Waiting for that touch of warmth
To end my journey


Image Forest Path by Jeff Power 



Neon SongsMusic is the beat,
It makes you move your feet
It’s here, it’s there
It’s everywhere
It’s in your head
You sing it in bed
Make it 
Break it
Play it
Say It
Hear it in different languages.


Please comment and tell me if you like it! 🙂

Image Neon Songs by akahodag

Field Hockey

Women's Field HockeyField hockey is my favourite sport. I have been playing it since I was in grade one. I was never very good but I still loved the game. In my old school this was one of the sports that almost everyone played. When I played the game I was always so excited and I really wanted to beat the other team. I use to play a lot of different positions in field hockey. When I was small I used to normally play the position of the goalie and when I got to higher grades I started to play other positions. On the field hockey teams we had uniforms. Our uniform was a green skirt that said Eunice, a white sleeveless golf- shirt with the school emblem on it, green or white socks and cleats. I started field hockey when I was small because my sister would always have a game and play really good so I wanted to play just as good as her. 


Image  Women’s Field Hockey  by  gibbyson4